The beer

section 25 ABV 4.5%

Farmhouse ale made with ingredients that would have been grown in Wisconsin in 1836, including Cluster hops and a Kolsch yeast.

hefeweizen    ABV 6.0%
A Hefeweizen with upfront banana and clove aroma and flavor 14 IBU
saison on oak           ABV 6.0%

Peppery notes with upfront berry flavors, oak and slightly sour. Aged for one year in a Pinot Noir French oak.                                                

Golden Slumbers  ABV 8.25%
Ale created using our primary Belgian house yeast to produce subtle spice and fruit flavors.

kole porter ABV  6.25%

A smooth dark chocolate, sweet with a robust finish.                   

smokin gramma ABV  8.25%

A Wee-heavy aged in a Bullet Bourbon barrel​. Full body, dark brown, semi-sweet with hints of vanilla and bourbon                    

biloba blanc    ABV  4.5%
A light, crisp, easy to drink Belgian Wit
bbl hefeweizen ​    6.0% ABV
some like it hop ipa ​    7.5% ABV
Our traditional IPA - deliciously easy to drink, not too bitter.
rotating taps:
apple raspberry ale
biloba haze ipa
june oud brune (sour)